loosestrife is a plant. it's miles used to make medication.

humans take loosestrife to deal with vitamin c-deficiency (scurvy); diarrhea; and excessive bleeding (hemorrhage), inclusive of nosebleeds and heavy menstrual drift.

loosestrife is once in a while implemented at once to the pores and skin for wounds.

don't confuse loosestrife (lysimachia vulgaris) with purple loosestrife (lythrum salicaria). both are called loosestrife.

different names is loosestrife recognized with the aid of:
chasse-bosse, herbe-aux-corneilles, lisimaquia, lysimachia vulgaris, lysimaque, lysimaque commune, lysimaque vulgaire, yellow willowherb.

inadequate proof to fee effectiveness for:
diet c-deficiency (scurvy).
excessive bleeding (hemorrhage) which include nose bleeds and heavy menstrual go with the flow.
different conditions.

greater proof is needed to charge the effectiveness of loosestrife for these uses.