lovage is a plant. the basis and underground stem (rhizome) are used to make medicine.

lovage is used as "irrigation remedy" for pain and swelling (irritation) of the lower urinary tract, for prevention of kidney stones, and to growth the go with the flow of urine while urinary tract infections or fluid retention is gift.

lovage is likewise used for indigestion, heartburn, stomach bloating, intestinal gasoline, abnormal menstrual durations, sore throat, boils, yellowed pores and skin (jaundice), malaria, fluid across the lung (pleurisy), gout, joint pain (rheumatism), and migraine headaches. it's also used as an expectorant to loosen phlegm in breathing situations.

in meals and drinks, lovage is used as a taste component.

in manufacturing, lovage is used as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetics.

other names is lovage recognized by means of:
ache des montagnes, angelica levisticum, angélique de montagne, apio de monte, céleri perpétuel, herbe à maggi, hipposelinum levisticum, lavose, levistici radix, levístico, levisticum officinale, lévistique officinale, ligusticum levisticum, livèche, love parsley, maggi plant, persil d'amour, sea parsley, smallage, smellage, szechuan lovage.

insufficient evidence to rate effectiveness for:
intestinal fuel.
irregular menstrual periods.
sore throat.
use as "irrigation remedy" for urinary tract inflammation and kidney stones.
different situations.

greater evidence is wanted to charge the effectiveness of lovage for these uses.