lungwort is a plant. the parts that develop above the floor are used to make medication. be cautious no longer to confuse lungwort with lungmoss.

human beings take lungwort to treat breathing conditions, belly and intestinal ailments, and kidney and urinary tract problems. lungwort is also utilized in cough drug treatments, to relieve fluid retention, and to deal with lung illnesses which includes tuberculosis.

a few human beings practice lungwort directly to the skin as a drying agent (astringent) and to treat wounds.

different names is lungwort acknowledged by means of:
coucou bleu, dage of jerusalem, grande pulmonaire, herbe cardiaque, herbe au cœur, herbe au lait de notre-dame, herbe aux poumons, lungenkraut, pulmonaire, pulmonaire officinale, pulmonaria, pulmonaria officinalis, pulmonariae herba, sauge de bethléem, sauge de jérusalem.

insufficient evidence to price effectiveness for:
respiration situations.
stomach and intestinal conditions.
kidney and urinary tract situations.
fluid retention.
wounds, while applied to the pores and skin.
different conditions.

more proof is needed to rate the effectiveness of lungwort for those uses.