mastic is a tree. humans use the sap (resin) from the trunk to make medicine.

mastic is used for stomach and intestinal ulcers, breathing troubles, muscle aches, and bacterial and fungal infections. it is also used to enhance blood circulate.

some human beings observe mastic without delay to the skin for cuts and as an insect repellent. in dentistry, mastic resin is used as a fabric for fillings. chewing the resin releases materials that freshen the breath and tighten the gums.

in manufacturing, mastic resin is used within the foods and drinks industries and inside the production of chewing gum.

other names is mastic recognised via:
arbre à mastic, arbre au mastic, lentisco, lentisk, mastich, mastika, mastix, mata charneca, pistacia lentiscus, pistachier lentisque.

probable powerful for:
indigestion (dyspepsia). taking mastic gum through mouth for 3 weeks seems to improve symptoms of indigestion, which includes stomach pain, upper belly ache, and heartburn.

belly and intestinal ulcers. taking mastic powder by means of mouth for two weeks appears to reduce signs and enhance restoration in people with intestinal ulcers. additionally, early research shows that taking mastic powder by way of mouth for 4 weeks improves these outcomes in human beings with belly ulcers.