Mexican Scammony Root

Mexican Scammony Root
Mexican Scammony Root

mexican scammony is a plant. its root is used to make medication.

humans take mexican scammony root to drain the bowels.

other names is mexican scammony root recognized by using:
convolvulus orizabensis, convolvulus superbus, ipomoea, ipomoea orizabensis, ipomoea superba, ipomoea tyrianthina, jalap fusiforme, orizaba jalap, racine de scammonée du mexique, raíz de escamonea mexicana, scammonée du mexique.

insufficient evidence to fee effectiveness for:
emptying the bowels.
other situations.

more evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of mexican scammony root for this use.

mexican scammony root acts like a sturdy laxative and pushes stool via the intestines.

there isn't always sufficient reliable statistics to realize whether or not mexican scammony root is safe. it is able to motive vomiting and intestinal troubles.