mezereon is a shrub. historically, its bark became used to make medicine. however mezereon is seldom used medicinally these days because of severe safety issues and because it's miles a blanketed plant species.

mezereon is taken by using mouth to relieve headache and toothache pain.

it's far once in a while implemented immediately to joints to relieve ache and increase blood flow.

other names is mezereon recognized by way of:
bois gentil, bois joli, bois-joli, camolea, daphne, daphné, daphné mézéréon, daphne mezereum, daphné mezereum, daphné morillon, dwarf bay, fake garou, jolibois, laureola hembra, leño gentil, mezereo, mezereum, morillon, spurge flax, spurge laurel, spurge olive, wild pepper.

inadequate proof to rate effectiveness for:
joint pain, when implemented to the skin.
increasing movement, whilst applied to the skin.
different conditions.

more proof is wanted to rate the effectiveness of mezereon for those uses.