myrtle is a plant. the leaves and branches are used to make medicinal drug.

people take myrtle for treating lung infections together with bronchitis, whooping cough, and tuberculosis. they also take it for bladder conditions, diarrhea, and worms.

different names is myrtle known through:
arrayƔn, commonplace myrtle, mirto, murta, myrte, myrte commun, herbe du lagui, myrti aetheroleum, myrti folium, myrtus communis, nerte, roman myrtle, proper myrtle.

inadequate proof to price effectiveness for:
whooping cough.
bladder situations.
different conditions.

more evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of myrtle for those makes use of.

the oil of myrtle is hazardous. it incorporates a chemical that could purpose allergies-like attacks and lung failure. myrtle also can motive nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, low blood pressure, blood stream disorders, and other troubles.

myrtle would possibly help combat against fungus and micro organism.

there isn't always sufficient information to realize if using the leaf and department of myrtle is secure.