nasturtium is a plant. the parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicinal drug.

humans take nasturtium in aggregate with different herbs for urinary tract infections (utis), swollen airways, cough, and bronchitis.

nasturtium is from time to time implemented without delay to the skin in aggregate with other herbs for slight muscular pain.

different names is nasturtium acknowledged with the aid of:
capuchina, capucine, cresson d'inde, grande capucine, indian cress, tropaeolum, tropaeolum majus.

inadequate evidence to charge effectiveness for:
urinary tract infections (utis).
moderate muscle ache, while implemented at once to the skin.
different situations.

more proof is needed to charge the effectiveness of nasturtium for these uses.

nasturtium carries diet c and can assist fight bacteria, fungi, viruses, and tumors.

nasturtium is probably safe for adults while applied without delay to the pores and skin in aggregate with different natural medicines. it is able to purpose skin infection, mainly if used for a long term.

there is not enough information to recognize if nasturtium is secure while taken by using mouth. it could motive belly disenchanted, kidney damage, and different facet consequences.