nickel is a mineral. it's far observed in several meals along with nuts, dried beans and peas, soybeans, grains, and chocolate. the body needs nickel, but in very small quantities. nickel is a commonplace hint element in more than one nutrients.

nickel is used for increasing iron absorption, preventing iron-poor blood (anemia), and treating vulnerable bones (osteoporosis).

likely effective for...
preventing nickel stages within the body from getting too low (nickel deficiency). nickel deficiency has no longer been mentioned in humans, despite the fact that it can exist, due to the fact nickel deficiency has been seen in animals. taking trace amounts of nickel in a supplement is effective for stopping nickel deficiency.

different names is nickel recognised with the aid of:
atomic variety 28, chlorure de nickel, ni, nickel chloride, nickel sulfate, nickelous sulfate, níquel, numéro atomique 28, oligo-élément, sulfate de nickel, sulfate nickeleux, hint element.

insufficient evidence to charge effectiveness for:
enhancing iron absorption.
preventing anemia.
enhancing osteoporosis and bone fitness.
different situations.

extra evidence is wanted to price the effectiveness of nickel for these uses.