Northern Prickly Ash

Northern Prickly Ash
Northern Prickly Ash

northern prickly ash is a plant. the bark and berry are used to make remedy. be cautious no longer to confuse northern prickly ash with ash or southern prickly ash.

human beings take northern prickly ash for blood flow troubles and resulting conditions together with leg ache (intermittent claudication) and raynaud's syndrome. it is also used for joint pain, cramps, low blood stress, fever, swelling (irritation), toothache, sores, ulcers, and most cancers (as an element in hoxsey therapy).

some people use northern prickly ash as a tonic, as a stimulant, and for "sweating out a fever."

in production, northern prickly ash is used as a flavoring in meals and drinks.

different names is northern prickly ash regarded through:
angelica tree, clavalier, clavalier d'amérique, clavalier à feuilles de frêne, clavalier frêne, frêne épineux, frêne épineux du nord, fresno espinoso americano, pepper wooden, prickly ash, toothache bark, xanthoxylum, yellow timber, zanthoxylum, zanthoxylum americanum.

insufficient evidence to fee effectiveness for:
joint ache.
stream problems.
low blood strain.
use as a tonic.
use as a stimulant.
different situations.

more evidence is needed to price the effectiveness of northern prickly ash for those uses.