Oak Moss

Oak Moss
Oak Moss

Oak moss is the moss from a sure form of oak tree called evernia prunastri. the moss is used to make medicine.

humans take very wellmoss for intestinal troubles.

in production, okaymoss is used as a fragrance in perfumes.

okaymoss is from time to time referred to as tree moss, but so are different merchandise. avoid confusion via looking for the clinical call, evernia prunastri.

different names is o.k.moss recognized through:
ebernia prunasti, évernia, evernia prunastri, évernie, lichen o.k.moss, mousse de chêne, musgo de roble, oakmoss, tree moss.

insufficient evidence to price effectiveness for:
intestinal issues.
different conditions.

more proof is needed to charge the effectiveness of all rightmoss for these makes use of.

there isn't always enough statistics to recognise how alrightmoss may paintings as a remedy.

all rightmoss might be safe for most people when taken for quick periods of time as a water-primarily based tea. while taken in massive amounts, for lengthy durations of time, or as an alcohol extract, all rightmoss is dangerous. very wellmoss includes a poisonous chemical referred to as thujone. it is able to purpose side outcomes which include restlessness, vomiting, dizziness, tremors, kidney damage, and convulsions.