oleander is a plant. its use as a poison is well known. in fact, oleander is reportedly a favorite suicide agent in sri lanka, wherein oleander poisonings exceed a hundred and fifty in keeping with a hundred,000 each 12 months. that's a high quantity. approximately 10% of those ingestions are fatal.

despite the threat, oleander seeds and leaves are used to make medicine. oleander is used for heart situations, asthma, epilepsy, most cancers, painful menstrual intervals, leprosy, malaria, ringworm, indigestion, and venereal disorder; and to motive abortions.

a hard and fast combination of oleander leaf powdered extract, pheasant's eye fluid extract, lily-of-the-valley fluid extract, and squill powdered extract has been used for treating mild coronary heart failure.

oleander is on occasion applied to the skin to treat pores and skin troubles and warts.

other names is oleander acknowledged via:
adelfa, baladre, cascabela thevetia, cerbera thevetia, commonplace oleander, exile tree, huang hua jia, jia zhu tao, kaner, karvir, karvira, laurel rosa, laurier-rose, laurier rose, laurose, nérier à feuilles de laurier, nérion, nerium indicum, nerium oleander, nerium odorum, oleanderblatter, oléandre, oleandri folium, rose bay, rose laurel, candy scented oleander, thevetia neriifolia, thevetia peruviana, yellow oleander.

insufficient proof to price effectiveness for:
coronary heart troubles.
menstrual ache.
as a poison.
pores and skin troubles, while implemented to the skin.
warts, while applied to the skin.
different conditions.

extra proof is wanted to charge the effectiveness of oleander for those uses.