onion is a plant. the bulb (rounded underground component) of the onion is used to make medicinal drug.

onion is used for treating digestion issues along with lack of appetite, disenchanted belly, and gallbladder disorders; for treating heart and blood vessel problems which includes chest ache (angina) and excessive blood stress; and for stopping "hardening of the arteries" (atherosclerosis). it's also used for treating sore mouth and throat, whooping cough, bronchitis, asthma, dehydration, intestinal fuel, parasitic worms, and diabetes. a few people use it as a diuretic to boom urine output.

onion is carried out immediately to the skin for insect bites, wounds, light burns, boils, warts, and bruises.

in foods, onion is used in lots of recipes.

in production, the oil is used to flavor ingredients.

other names is onion known by way of:
allii cepae bulbus, allium cepa, cebolla, ├ęchalote, green onion, oignon, oignon vert, onions, palandu, piyaj, shallot.

likely effective for:
scarring. maximum studies indicates that making use of onion extract, generally as a particular product containing heparin and allantoin (contractubex), to the pores and skin for 10 weeks to six months improves scar colour and look, as well as pain and itching, in people with scars because of burns, tattoo elimination, injuries, or surgical removement of tissue. however, using a specific product containing onion exract and allantoin (mederma, merz prescribed drugs) for 4-11 weeks does now not seem to improve the advent of recent surgical scars.

inadequate proof to rate effectiveness for:
hair loss (alopecia areata). early research shows that making use of onion juice to the scalp for eight weeks would possibly enhance hair increase in people with hair loss because of a condition known as alopecia areata.
diabetes. early studies suggests that including onion three times daily to a specific weight loss plan for 8 weeks might reduce blood sugar in people with diabetes.

excessive blood pressure. early studies shows that taking a selected product containing onion, olive oil, grape pores and skin extract, l-carnitine, nutrition e, diet c, lycopene, and folic acid every day for one week would possibly lower systolic blood pressure (the pinnacle wide variety) however no longer diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) in human beings with excessive blood stress.

disenchanted belly.
swelling (infection) of the mouth and throat.
lack of urge for food.
stopping hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).
different conditions.

extra proof is wanted to price the effectiveness of onion for those makes use of.