Oregon Fir Balsam

Oregon Fir Balsam
Oregon Fir Balsam

oregon fir balsam is a substance amassed from the trunk of the oregon fir tree. the balsam is used to make medicinal drug.

oregon fir balsam is used for burns, sores, cuts, heart and chest pain, and tumors.

other names is oregon fir balsam acknowledged via:
balsam, balsam fir oregon, balsam oregon, bálsamo de abeto de douglas, baume d'oregon, baume de pin d'oregon, coastal douglas fir, douglas, douglas de menzies, douglas fir, douglas spruce, douglas de oregón, douglas taxifolié, douglasia verde, falsa tsuga verde de las rocosas, oregon balsam, pin d'oregon, pseudotsuga douglasii, pseudotsuga menziesii, pseudotsuga mucronata, pseudotsuga taxifolia, purple fir, sapin baumier d'orégon, sapin de douglas.

inadequate evidence to price effectiveness for:
coronary heart and chest pain.
other situations.

more evidence is wanted to price the effectiveness of oregon fir balsam for those makes use of.

there isn't enough statistics to know how oregon fir balsam may work.