Oswego Tea

Oswego Tea
Oswego Tea

oswego tea is made from a plant. human beings use the tea as medication,human beings take oswego tea for digestive problems inclusive of gas. it's also used for fever, spasms, and fluid retention.

ladies use oswego tea for premenstrual syndrome (pms).

be careful no longer to confuse oswego tea with lemon balm, due to the fact both are known as "bee balm."

different names is oswego tea recognized by:
bee balm, blue balm, high balm, low balm, monarda, monarda didyma, monarde écarlate, monarde échevelée, mountain balm, mountain mint, scarlet monarda, té de oswego, thé d'oswego.

insufficient evidence to price effectiveness for:
digestion problems.
premenstrual syndrome (pms).
fluid retention.
different conditions.

greater evidence is wanted to price the effectiveness of oswego tea for those makes use of.