peony is a plant. the basis and, less commonly, the flower and seed are used to make medication. peony is now and again known as crimson peony and white peony. this does not talk to the colour of the flowers, which can be crimson, pink, red, or white, but to the color of the processed root.

peony is used for gout, osteoarthritis, fever, respiration tract ailments, and cough. girls use peony for menstrual cramps, polycystic ovary syndrome, premenstrual syndrome (pms), and for starting menstruation or causing an abortion. it's also used for viral hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, dissatisfied belly, muscle cramps, "hardening of the arteries" (atherosclerosis), and to purpose vomiting. peony is likewise used for spasms, whooping cough (pertussis), epilepsy, nerve ache (neuralgia), migraine headache, and persistent fatigue syndrome (cfs).

human beings practice peony to the skin for healing cracked pores and skin, particularly cracks around the anus (anal fissures) that on occasion arise with hemorrhoids.

different names is peony acknowledged with the aid of:
bai shao, chi shao, chinese language peony, commonplace peony, coral peony, cortex moutan, eu peony, jiu chao bai shao, moutan, mu dan pi, paeonia, paeonia alba, paeonia albiflora, paeonia anomala, paeonia arborea, paeonia arietina, paeonia beresowskii, paeonia caucasica, paeonia corallina, paeonia coriacea, paeonia daurica, paeonia japonica, paeonia kavachensis, paeonia lactiflora, paeonia mascula, paeonia microcarpa, paeonia moutan, paeonia obovata, paeonia officinalis, paeonia paradoxa, paeonia suffruticosa, paeonia triternata, paeonia veitchii, paeonia willmottiae, paeonia woodwardii, paeoniae flos, paeoniae radix, peonĂ­a, peony flower, peony root, piney, pivoine, pivoine arbustive, pivoine blanche, pivoine commune, pivoine de chine, pivoine des jardins, pivoine en arbre, pivoine moutan, pivoine officinale, pivoine rouge, racine de pivoine, radix paeoniae, radix paeoniae alba, radix paeoniae rubra, radix peony, red peony, shakuyaku, shao yao, tree peony, ud saleeb, udsalam, udsalap, white peony.

inadequate evidence to fee effectiveness for:
pores and skin wrinkles. peony carries a chemical known as paeoniflorin. early studies shows that making use of a particular cosmetic product containing zero.five% paeoniflorin for eight weeks might lessen facial wrinkles.
muscle cramps.early studies suggests that taking a specific aggregate of peony and licorice (shakuyaku-kanzoh-to) would possibly ease muscle cramps in people with liver cirrhosis and in people undergoing hemodialysis.
rheumatoid arthritis (ra). early research suggests that taking a product containing peony together with the drug methotrexate for 3 months might reduce test markers of swelling in humans with ra higher than taking methotrexate alone. however, taking this peony product with methotrexate does now not seem to enhance signs of ra better than methotrexate on my own.
respiratory troubles.
skin diseases.
coronary heart trouble.
belly disenchanted.
nerve problems.
migraine headache.
persistent fatigue syndrome (cfs).
different situations.

greater evidence is wanted to rate the effectiveness of peony for those makes use of.