potentilla is an herb. the flower and leaf are used to make medicine, human beings take potentilla as a tea for diarrhea. girls take it for premenstrual syndrome (pms) and for mildly painful menstrual periods.

potentilla is on occasion implemented at once to the affected area for discomfort and swelling (infection) of the mouth and throat.

as meals, the roots may be eaten raw or cooked, and the stems and leaves may be eaten as a salad.

do not confuse potentilla (potentilla anserina) with agrimony (agrimonia eupatoria) or tormentil (potentilla erecta), which can be also known as potentilla.

it is also critical to distinguish among potentilla and jewelweed, due to the fact both are known as silverweed.

other names is potentilla acknowledged with the aid of:
anserina, ansérine, argentina anserine, argentine, bec d'oie, crampweed, goose grass, goose tansy, goosewort, herbe aux oies, moor grass, potentilla anserina, potentille, potentille ansérine, potentille des oies, prince's feather, richette, silverweed, trailing tansy, wild agrimony, wild tansy.

inadequate evidence to rate effectiveness for:
premenstrual syndrome (pms).
mildly painful menstruation.
mouth and throat swelling (inflammation), when carried out without delay.
other conditions.