pulsatilla is a plant. the components of the plant that develop above the ground are dried and used as medicinal drug.

pulsatilla is used for painful conditions of the male reproductive system, including swelling of the testicles (orchitis) or swelling of a structure inside the lower back of the testicles (epididymitis); as well as for painful situations of the woman reproductive device, along with menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) and painful ovaries (ovaralgia). pulsatilla is also used for anxiety headache, hyperactivity, trouble napping (insomnia), boils, bronchial asthma and other lung illnesses, earache, migraines, nerve ache (neuralgia), popular restlessness, disorders of the gastrointestinal (gi), and issues of the urinary tract.

pulsatilla is applied immediately to the pores and skin for boils, bacterial pores and skin infections, and inflammatory illnesses of the pores and skin.

other names is pulsatilla recognised by:
anémone des bois, anémone des prés, anemone nigricans, anemone pratensis, anemone pulsatilla, anémone pulsatille, anémone pulsatille rouge, anemone serotina, coquelourde, coquerelle, easter flower, european pasqueflower, fleur de pâques, herbe au vent, meadow anenome, meadow windflower, pasque flower, pasqueflower, passe flower, pulsatilla nigricans, pulsatilla pratensis, pulsatilla vulgaris, pulsatille commune, wind flower.

insufficient evidence to fee effectiveness for:
conditions of the male or woman reproductive machine.
tension complications.
migraine complications.
hyperactive states.
trouble slumbering (insomnia).
skin diseases.
allergies and different lung sicknesses.
nerve issues.
trendy restlessness.
digestive tract issues.
urinary tract troubles.
different conditions.