pyrethrum is a plant (chrysanthemum cinerariifolium). pyrethrum is also the name of the crude extract acquired from vegetation of this plant.

be cautious not to confuse pyrethrum with pyrethrin. pyrethrin refers to a greater refined extract of pyrethrum. pyrethrin is in frame lice drug treatments inclusive of a-200 pyrinate, barc, lice-enz, licetrol, pronto, r and c, rid, tisit, tisit blue, and triple x.

humans follow pyrethrum directly to the skin as an insecticide, especially for head lice, crab lice and their nits, and mites (scabies).

different names is pyrethrum recognized with the aid of:
chrysanthème insecticide, chrysanthemum cinerariifolium, dalmation insect flowers, dalmation pellitory, pelitre, piretro, pyrèthre, pyrèthre de dalmatie, pyrethrum cinerariifolium, tanacetum cinerariifolium.

effective for:
head lice and crab lice. making use of pyrethrins to the skin in concentrations of zero.17% to 0.33% for 12-24 hours is powerful for treating head lice and crab lice. pyrethrins are generally combined with piperonyl butoxide (2% to four%) to increase effectiveness.

useless for:
scabies (mites).