quince is a plant. the seed is used as medicinal drug, people take quince as a powder, extract, or tea for digestive disorders together with belly and intestinal pain (gastrointestinal infection), in addition to diarrhea. quince is also used for cough.

a few human beings apply quince directly as a compress or poultice for accidents, swollen and painful joints, nipple discomfort, and gashed or deeply reduce fingers. a lotion is used to assuage the eyes.

in meals, quince fruit is used to make jam, jelly, marmalade, and pudding. it is also used to make juice and wine.

different names is quince known by way of:
bedana, cognassier, coing, coudonnier, cydonia oblongata, cydonia vulgaris, marmelo, membrillo, pommier de cydon, pyrus cydonia, quitte, quittenbaum.

inadequate proof to fee effectiveness for:
digestive issues.
belly and intestinal swelling (infection).
pores and skin injuries, while applied to the skin.
swollen and painful joints, while applied to the skin.
eye discomfort, when implemented as a lotion.