radish is a plant. the root is used as meals and additionally as medicine, radish is used for belly and intestinal issues, bile duct issues, loss of urge for food, pain and swelling (inflammation) of the mouth and throat, tendency towards infections, inflammation or immoderate mucus of the respiratory tract, bronchitis, fever, colds, and cough.

other names is radish regarded by:
black radish, black spanish radish, daikon radish, long black spanish radish, moolak, mooli beej, petit radis, rĂ¡bano, radis, radis espagnol, radis noir, radis noir espagnol, radis rouge, raphani sativi radix, raphanus sativus, purple radish, spherical black spanish radish, small radish, spanish radish, spanish black radish, turnip radish.

insufficient proof to price effectiveness for:
loss of urge for food.
pain and swelling (inflammation) of the mouth and throat.
tendency towards infections.
digestive problems caused by bile duct issues.
inflammation of the airways consisting of bronchitis.