Rock Rose

Rock Rose
Rock Rose

rock rose is an evergreen shrub. the flower is used to make remedy. it is commonly used in bach flower remedies.

people take rock rose to deal with panic, strain, severe fright or fear, and tension; and for selling calmness and rest.

other names is rock rose known via:
cistus, cistus creticus, cistus lusitanicus, cistus nummularius, not unusual rock rose, eu rock rose, geel zonneroosje, heliantemo, hélianthème commun, hélianthème à feuilles arrondies, hélianthème à grandes fleurs, hélianthème jaune, hélianthème nummulaire, hélianthème sombre, hélianthème tomenteux, helianthemum arcticum, helianthemum berterianum, helianthemum chamaecistus, helianthemum grandiflorum, helianthemum hirsutum, helianthemum nitidum, helianthemum nummularium, helianthemum obscurum, helianthemum ovatum, helianthemum pyrenaicum, helianthemum semiglabrum, helianthemum serpyllifolium, helianthemum tomentosum, helianthemum vulgare, helianto, ladanum.

inadequate proof to fee effectiveness for:
intense fright or worry.
promoting calmness and relaxation.