Scurvy Grass

Scurvy Grass
Scurvy Grass

scurvy grass is an herb. its leaves and flowering components are used to make remedy, scurvy grass receives its call from the fact that sailors used to take it to save you a disorder known as scurvy. humans get scurvy once they don't get enough diet c (nutrition c deficiency), that is found in citrus fruits. scurvy became a common hassle amongst sailors who couldn't get sparkling fruit whilst at sea.

human beings take scurvy grass for nutrition c deficiency, gout, arthritis, stomachache, and fluid retention. it's also used as a "blood cleanser."

a few people apply scurvy grass directly to the affected vicinity for skin irritations, canker sores, and gum disorder.

scurvy grass (cochlearia officinalis) is sometimes referred to as watercress. be cautious now not to confuse it with watercress (nasturtium officinale). you can tell the distinction because scurvy grass flowers have a sturdy fragrance and taste while they may be rubbed.

different names is scurvy grass recognised with the aid of:
cochléaire, cochléaire officinale, cochlearia officinalis, coclearia, cranson, cranson officinal, herbe aux cuillères, herbe au scorbut, hierba del escorbuto, scrubby grass, spoonwort.

insufficient proof to rate effectiveness for:
vitamin c deficiency.
pores and skin irritation, while implemented at once to the affected vicinity.
gum disease, whilst applied at once to the affected place.