squalamine is a chemical comprised of the stomach and the liver of the spiny dogfish shark. squalamine can also be made in the laboratory.

human beings take squalamine as an antibiotic to fight bacterial infections.

the lab-made version of squalamine is now and again carried out directly to the pores and skin as an antibiotic.

a few researchers are reading squalamine to look if it might be effective towards strong tumors in children. different researchers are analyzing squalamine in mixture with a prescription high blood stress remedy called captopril. they want to peer if this aggregate is a superb remedy for eye sickness caused by diabetes.

don't confuse squalamine with shark cartilage, which is prepared from the cartilage of spiny dogfish shark, hammerhead shark (sphyrna lewini), and other shark species.

different names is squalamine recognized by way of:
aiguillat, escualamina, spiny dogfish shark, squalene, squalène, squalus acanthias.

insufficient proof to rate effectiveness for...
most cancers.
eye situations in people with diabetes.
infections, whilst taken by using mouth or implemented to the skin.
different situations.