Stone Root

Stone Root
Stone Root

stone root is an herb. it has a robust, unpleasant smell that some human beings remember overwhelming. the foundation and rhizome (underground stem) are used to make medication.

stone root is used to treat urinary tract issues which includes bladder ache and swelling (infection), stones within the kidney and someplace else inside the urinary tract, and extra uric acid in the urine. it's also used to increase urine drift to relieve water retention (edema).

a few human beings use stone root for stomach and intestinal troubles inclusive of indigestion.

other makes use of consist of remedy of headaches and use as a tonic.

different names is stone root regarded with the aid of:
baume de cheval, citronella, colinsonia, collinsonia, collinsonia canadense, collinsonia canadensis, collinsonie, collinsonie du canada, guérit-tout, hardback, hardhack, heal-all, horse balm, horseweed, knob grass, knob root, knobweed, racine de pierre, richleaf, rich weed, stoneroot.

inadequate proof to fee effectiveness for:
bladder irritation.
water retention (edema).
kidney stones.
belly and intestinal problems.
different situations.