storax is an oily resin (balsam) obtained from the tree trunks of liquidambar orientalis (levant storax) or liquidambar styraciflua (american storax). it's far used as medicinal drug.

storax is obtained by means of scoring the bark of the tree in early summer time and stripping the bark later, perhaps as overdue as autumn. the bark is pressed in bloodless water, alternating with boiling water, and the crude liquid storax is amassed. storax is considered to be similar to peru balsam in its results.

human beings take storax for cancer, coughs, colds, diarrhea, epilepsy, sore throats, and parasitic infections.

storax is sometimes implemented at once to the skin to defend wounds, or to deal with ulcers and scabies. storax is an factor in compound benzoin tincture.

as an inhalant, storax is positioned in a vaporizer and used to deal with coughs and bronchitis.

in foods, storax is used as a flavoring or fixative.

in production, storax is used as a fragrance or fixative in soaps and perfumes. storax is likewise used to kill bugs (as a fumigant). it is also used for getting ready slides for examination below a microscope.

different names is storax recognized by:
american storax, balsam styracis, balsamum styrax liquidus, copalm, copalme, copalme d'amérique, copalme du levant, copalme oriental, estoraque, estoraque liquido, gum tree, levant storax, liquidambar, liquidámbar, liquidambar macrophylla, liquidambar orientalis, liquidambar styraciflua, liquid amber, liquid storax, lu lu tong, opossum tree, red gum, styrax, sweet gum, white gum.

insufficient proof to fee effectiveness for:
parasitic infections.
sore throats.
ulcers, when implemented to the pores and skin.
wound safety, when applied to the skin.
other situations.