strawberry is a plant. the fruit is eaten and used to make medicine. the leaves also are used to make medicine, people take strawberry for a huge variety of conditions such as diarrhea, slow intestines, liver disorder, yellowed pores and skin (jaundice), pain and swelling (inflammation) of the liner of the breathing tract, gout, arthritis, nervous anxiety, water retention (edema), kidney illnesses regarding gravel and stones, fever, night time sweats, and "tired blood" (anemia).

it's also used for "purifying the blood," stimulating metabolism, preventing menstruation, and assisting "natural weight reduction."

some human beings put strawberry in a cloth and maintain it towards the pores and skin (as a compress) for rashes.

other names is strawberry recognised by means of:
alpine strawberry, fragaria collina, fragaria insularis, fragaria vesca, fragaria virginiana, fragaria viridis, fragariae folium, fraise, fraise alpine, fraise de virginie, fraise des bois, fraise des bois alpine blanche, fraise des montagnes, faise sauvage, fraisier, fraisier craquelin, fraisier des collines, fraisier vert, fresa, mountain strawberry, potentilla vesca, potentilla virginiana, potentilla viridis, strawberries, virginian strawberry, wild strawberry, wood strawberry.

insufficient proof to fee effectiveness for:
anxious anxiety.
night time sweats.
weight reduction.
water retention.
stimulating metabolism.
preventing menstruation.
different situations.