Sweet Almond

Sweet Almond
Sweet Almond

candy almond is a plant. it produces kernels (nuts) which might be a acquainted food. sweet almond oil, organized by way of pressing the kernels, is used to make medicinal drug.

sweet almond is used as a mild laxative, and as a remedy for most cancers of the bladder, breast, mouth, spleen, and uterus.

some humans apply candy almond without delay to the pores and skin to soften chapped skin, to assuage mucous membranes, and to kill germs.

sweet almond is also used to dissolve sure medications in a liquid so they can be given as photographs.

in production, candy almond is used extensively in cosmetics.

other names is nice almond known via:
almond, almond extract, almond oil, almendra dulce, almendro dulce, amande, amandier, amande douce, amandier à end result doux, amandier doux, amendoa doce, amygdala dulcis, amygdalus communis var. dulcis, expressed almond oil, extrait d'amande, fixed almond oil, huile d'amande, huile d'amande douce, mandorla dolce, mindal' sladkii, prunus amygdalus var. dulcis, prunus amygdalus var. sativa, prunus communis var. sativa, prunus dulcis, suessmandel, suessmandelbaum, candy almond oil, zoete amandel.

inadequate proof to charge effectiveness for:
excessive ldl cholesterol. early studies shows that ingesting raw almonds daily for four-nine weeks would possibly lower general cholesterol and "horrific" low-density lipoprotein (ldl) ldl cholesterol in human beings with excessive ldl cholesterol. however, consuming almonds does no longer seem to improve "accurate" excessive-density lipoprotein (hdl) cholesterol or blood fat referred to as triglycerides.

skin harm due to radiation treatment for cancer. early studies suggests that applying almond ointment to the skin does now not shield against pores and skin harm because of radiation remedy in girls with breast cancer.

chapped and angry skin.
most cancers of the bladder, breast, mouth, spleen, and uterus.
different conditions.