Sweet Cicely

Sweet Cicely
Sweet Cicely

sweet cicely is an herb. it's miles used to make medicine, human beings take candy cicely as a tea or tonic for asthma and other respiration troubles, cough, digestion problems, chest and throat complaints, and urinary tract problems. it's also used as a "blood cleaner."

candy cicely is sometimes applied at once to the pores and skin for gout.

other names is sweet cicely known via:
british myrrh, cerfeuil anisé, cerfeuil d'espagne, cerfeuil musqué, cerfeuil odorant, myrrhe odorante, myrrhis odorata, perifollo oloroso, roman plant, shepherd's needle, sweet bracken, sweet chervil, candy-cus, sweet-fern, candy-humlock, chocolates, the roman plant.

inadequate evidence to fee effectiveness for:
digestion problems.
urinary tract situations.
gout, while carried out to the pores and skin.
other situations.