Sweet Clover

Sweet Clover
Sweet Clover

candy clover is an herb. the flowering branches and leaves are used to make medication. be careful not to confuse sweet clover with purple clover.

candy clover is used to increase the loss of water from the frame thru the urine (as a diuretic). it's also used for varicose veins and to relieve signs of poor blood circulation (continual venous insufficiency) including leg ache and heaviness, night time cramps, itchiness, and fluid retention (edema).

candy clover is from time to time used together with regular drug treatments for remedy of blood clots in the veins.

other uses encompass remedy of hemorrhoids and blockage of the lymphatic system. the lymphatic system drains fluid from tissues.

some human beings observe sweet clover immediately to the pores and skin for bruises.

other names is nice clover acknowledged with the aid of:
casse lunettes, common melilot, couronne royale, subject melilot, hart's tree, hay flower, herbe aux puces, king's clover, luzerne bâtarde, melilot, mélilot, mélilot des champs, mélilot commun, mélilot jaune, mélilot officinal, mélilot vulgaire, meliloti herba, meliloto, melilotus, melilotus altissimus, melilotus arvensis, melilotus macrorrhizus, melilotus officinalis, melilotus vulgaris, petit-trèfle jaune, pratelle, candy lucerne, sweet melilot, tall melilot, thé de jardin, trébol de olor, trèfle des mouches, trifolium macrorrhizum, trifolium officinale, wild laburnum, yellow melilot, yellow candy clover.

in all likelihood powerful for:
troubles with movement including leg cramps and swelling.
varicose veins.

inadequate proof to fee effectiveness for:
water retention (edema).
bruises, whilst carried out to the pores and skin.
different situations.