Sweet Gale

Sweet Gale
Sweet Gale

candy gale is an herb. the leaves, branches, and wax are used to make medication, people take candy gale for digestion troubles. 

in sweden, a robust brew of sweet gale dried bark is used to treat intestinal worms and to relieve itching.

different names is nice gale recognised by means of:
bayberry, lavatory myrtle, bois-despatched-bon, dutch myrtle, galé odorant, lorette, mirto de brabante, mirto de turbera, myrica gale, myrique baumier, myrte bâtard, myrte des marais, piment aquatique, piment royal, poivre du brabant, romarin du nord.

inadequate proof to charge effectiveness for:
digestive disorders.
intestinal worms.
different conditions.