tagetes is a plant. the elements that grow above the ground are used to make medication, tagetes is used for digestive tract troubles which includes poor appetite, gasoline, stomach pain, colic, intestinal worms, and dysentery. it's also used for coughs, colds, mumps, fluid retention, and sore eyes; and inflicting sweating.

women use tagetes to start menstruation, treat sore breasts (mastitis), and guard in opposition to miscarriage.

people occasionally observe the leaves without delay to the skin for treating sores and ulcers. the plants are used as a mosquito repellent. the juice of the leaves is put on the pores and skin for treating eczema. the oil is put on the skin for treating wound maggots.

in foods and liquids, tagetes is used as a flavor issue.

in manufacturing, the oil is used as a perfume in perfumes. the dried, ground flowers are used as chicken feed to decorate the feature yellow color of hen skin and egg yolk.

different names is tagetes known through:
african marigold, aztec marigold, huge marigold, chinchilla enana, dwarf marigold, œillet d'inde, french marigold, genda, huacatay, mexican marigold, muster john henry, rose d'inde, saffron marigold, souci africain, souci aztèque, souci français, souci mexicain, stinking-roger, tagète, tagetes erecta, tagetes glandulifera, tagetes minuta, tagetes patula, tagette, zandu.

insufficient proof to price effectiveness for:
negative appetite.
belly ache.
intestinal worms.
fluid retention.
sore eyes.
menstrual disorders.
sore breasts.
inflicting sweating.
protective against miscarriage.
maggots, while the oil is implemented to the skin.
sores and ulcers, when the leaves are carried out to the skin.
eczema, when the juice of the leaves is applied to the skin.
as a mosquito repellent, whilst the dried plant life are carried out to the skin.