tamarind is a tree. its in part dried fruit is used to make medicine, humans take tamarind for constipation, liver and gallbladder troubles, and stomach disorders. it's also used to deal with colds and fever. ladies from time to time use tamarind to treat being pregnant-associated nausea. it's far given to kids to treat intestinal worms.

every so often a thick paste of tamarind seeds is used as a cast for broken bones.

an extract of tamarind seeds is used in eye drops for dry eyes.

in meals and beverages, tamarind is used as flavoring. it's also broadly utilized in asian cooking for chutneys and curries.

different names is tamarind recognized by way of:
imlee, imli, tamarin, tamarindo, tamarindus indica, tamarinier, tamarinier d'inde, tintiri.

insufficient evidence to fee effectiveness for:
dry eyes. early research indicates that eye drops containing tamarind seed extract would possibly enhance symptoms of dry eye.
liver and gallbladder problems.
stomach issues.
pregnancy-associated nausea.
intestinal worms.