taumelloolch is a plant. the seeds are used to make medicinal drug, in spite of critical protection issues, human beings take taumelloolch for painful conditions along with migraine and other headaches, nerve pain, muscle and joint ache (rheumatism), sciatica, and toothache. in addition they take it for uncontrolled bleeding (hemorrhage) and nosebleeds.

a few people use taumelloolch for infections together with "blood poisoning," leprosy, and meningitis.

other uses consist of treatment of tumors, most cancers, cysts, dizziness, eczema, gangrene, sleeplessness, motion disorders, trouble controlling urination, stomach cramps, and colic.

taumelloolch is from time to time carried out immediately to the skin in a warm compress (poultice) to deal with pores and skin sicknesses and broken bones and to draw out splinters.

other names is taumelloolch known by using:
bearded darnel, cheat, cizaña, darnel, drake, espantapájaros, herbe à couteau, herbe d'ivrogne, ivraie annuelle, ivraie enivrante, lolium temulentum, ray-grass, tare.

insufficient evidence to price effectiveness for:
most cancers.
nerve ache.
stomach cramps.
movement issues.